Strategy Session - Buyer Consultations

Would it surprise you to know that the best version of the home buying process starts in my office, and not necessarily in a property that you are considering purchasing? 

I know, this might seem backwards to some people. Why meet? Just get in the car and go look-see, yes?

Well.. you can do that.. but let’s take a step back and chat about what step one should really be, because it isn’t looking at houses.

How do you make the most of your valuable time and get ahead of the curve as a buyer in the Edmonton real estate market? 
The best place to start is with an old fashioned consultation. #HowVintage ;)

So.. the real Step 1 is this:
We sit down together, go over your burning questions, any concerns you have, and your needs and wants in a home. This is comprehensive but not exhausting, and is meant to be clarifying and actually kinda fun!

Step 2 - Custom Buyer’s Information Booklet
Curated by yours truly this book is designed to get any buyer started. It's ideal for first timers and a great refresher for others.

Step 3 - We go through the online listings together in real time, so I can get a clear idea of what you like, and what (frankly) would be a deal breaker. We can set up your personal search and website together as well. 

Having the opportunity to share dialogue with you during this time is immensely helpful, this is generally where we cover some location deal breakers that you might not have thought about. Common things here are busy streets, not wanting a foreclosure, etc.

Step 4 - We can also go over what the contracts in a purchase look like, in a space and time where you have the brain power to absorb the information, instead of when you are feeling jittery and excited because you’re about to put your first offer in on a home.

The reason this hour long consult is so valuable is it helps me understand specifically what you are looking for, and in what timeline you’d like to find it. You would be surprised at what can be taken off the potentials list once you start digging into a few key must-have things. Trust me when I say it makes sense to look at things that are genuine options, rather than everything, even when you know it won’t be a fit for you.

I promise.. PROMISE.. this will make the experience more rewarding, and less stressful overall. Which puts you into your next home in a more relaxed state of mind, and hopefully feeling excited for future decorating and life plans!

 Kimberly Graham
REALTOR® | Associate
RE/MAX River City